StreamTV Questions & Answers

What is StreamTV?

StreamTV is a subscription-based, streaming video service that lets you watch live TV and your favorite local channels, plus tons of On Demand programs, all in one app. You don’t need a cable box or a long-term contract. And installation is as easy as downloading an app and registering your account.

How much does StreamTV cost?

The subscription service cost is evaluated on your unique viewing needs. Our Customer Service Representatives are available to walk you through available packages as well as pricing. Call 419-724-9800.

Where is StreamTV available?

Subscriber must be an internet customer of Buckeye Broadband. Your channel line-up will depend on your sign-up zip code and location. Content available inside and outside the home depends on individual channel rights. See Channel Guide

How do I sign up for StreamTV?

To sign up for StreamTV, call our Customer Service Representatives at 419-724-9800.

How can I see available channels?

To see a list of all channels available inside and outside your home, see our StreamTV Channel Guide.  If you would like to add channels, please call our Customer Service Representatives at 419-724-9800.

Do I need an existing cable TV account to get StreamTV?

You do not need to currently have cable TV service to get the StreamTV app.  Call our Customer Service Representatives at 419-724-9800 to add StreamTV to your account.

Does StreamTV count towards my data allotment?

StreamTV does not count towards your data allotment, so enjoy all your favorites while on your home connection!

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

To reset your password, click on the “Forgot Password?” link on the Login page, enter the email you used to register your account, and a reset link will be sent to your email.

How do I order an On Demand movie?

On Demand titles can be added to your “Wish List” from the app on your device. Once added, they can be activated from http://streamtv.buckeyebroadband.com by adding to your “Cart” and then selecting “Checkout”.

I paid for an On Demand title. Where do I find it in the app?

Once you have paid for your title on http://streamtv.buckeyebroadband.com, you can find the title in your “Library” under “My Rentals” on the StreamTV app. PPV titles are listed in your “Library” under “My Events”.

What equipment do I need to watch StreamTV?

StreamTV is available on the following devices:

Apple TV, iOS (10 or higher) and Android Mobile (4.4 or higher)

Can I watch StreamTV through my web browser?

StreamTV is currently only available through the StreamTV app on select devices.

How many devices can I have active at one time?

StreamTV comes with an unlimited number of profiles and log-ins.  You can manage your account users within your member services account (https://www.buckeyebroadband.com/customer/)

How many people can watch at one time?

You may stream StreamTV from a maximum of 4 devices at one time.

How do I set Parental Controls?

To set Parental Controls for content, login to your account on http://streamtv.buckeyebroadband.com and select “Parental Controls” under “Settings”. After setting and confirming a PIN, select “Edit” under the ratings chart. You may now select the level for both Movies and TV above which you will require the Parental Controls PIN. Parental Controls are set at the account level and apply to all devices on the account.

How do I restrict Adult Content?

To restrict Adult Content, first login to your account on http://streamtv.buckeyebroadband.com. Under “Parental Controls” in your “Settings”, you may check the “Hide Adult Content” box at the bottom of the page to hide all adult content, or you may check the “Lock Adult Content” to require a PIN to view content in the Adult Content folder.

What is a purchase control PIN?

You may opt to set a purchase PIN to control who may order On Demand titles from your account. Once a purchase PIN has been set, the checkout process cannot be completed without entering the PIN.